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      Relationship Support for the Nation's Oldest Fighting Force


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Since 9-11, the National Guard has experience an unprecedented number of deployments and prolonged separations. In addition, National Guard Warriors and Families live throughout their communities, the support of their fellow service members. These circumstances add tremendous pressure to the ordinary strain of military life.

Strong Bonds addresses the unique needs of National Guard Warriors and Families by providing a relaxing and fun weekend retreat that includes training and activities to strengthen relationships. Participants learn communication skills that help promote marital confidence and satisfaction, as well as facilitate the building of support systems with other Guard members. Strong Bonds offers programs to meet specific relationship needs.

Strong Bonds Singles Program. Most single service members will marry while enlisted. This program provides skills to help singles make good relationship decisions and learn healthy relationship behaviors.

Strong Bonds Couples Program. Over half of enlisted members are married. This program strengthens the marital bond, giving couples the tools and information they need for better communication and relationship building.

Strong Bonds Family Program. Children in military families face unique pressures. This program teaches family members to safeguard closeness during trying times.

Strong Bonds Pre- and Re-deployment Program. Prolonged separations is one of the most trying of all stresses on member families. This program provides the tools to help families stay close during a deployment and after a long separation.